Our Objectives

The Government has formed Entertainment Society of Goa to encourage the Entertainment Industry.
Some of the objectives with which the society is being formed are mentioned below.

    1. To make the State of Goa the International Entertainment Hub
    2. To give global visibility and recognition to the State of Goa
    3. To earn revenue on a long term basis from ventures in film entertainment and leisure projects
    4. To increase revenue through direct and indirect taxes, levies and foreign exchange inflow and to bring about world wide recognition to the State of Goa as an ultimate tourism and entertainment destination and maximize the state of Goa’s potential in this regard
    5. To hold world class entertainment events, exhibitions and expositions
    6. To indulge in networking and relation building in the interest of entertainment industry in the state of Goa
    7. To conceptualize and develop properties for the Government of Goa for the purpose of entertainment industry
    8. To integrate international support
    1. To organize and host International Film Festival in the State of Goa, both competitive and non-competitive
    2. To leverage the International Film Festival as an anchor point to create permanent facilities that will enable the State of Goa to create a niche for itself in the realm of world Film Festivals and become known for its uniqueness and distinct character
    3. To develop infrastructure to meet the needs of International Film Festival and bring in global investment
    4. To build up ultra modern infrastructure to hold International Film Festival
    5. To set up international standards film studios, auditoriums with suitable capacities and training centers and a film institute
    6. To build up comprehensive facilities and provide services for telecommunications, transportation, parking, banking, Internet connectivity, power supply, water, sewerage, sanitation etc
    7. To built up multiplex cinema halls, media centers, screening rooms, auditoriums store room, library etc
    8. To renovate the existing buildings, houses and residentials accommodations to meet the requirements of the film festival, other entertainment events
    9. To conserve and improve the heritage buildings, to develop the water front, pedestrians plaza
    10. To provide fast media of transport including speed boats, motor boats, steamers, hovercrafts if necessary
    11. To provide proper sound lighting, video and digital technology
    12. To set up food court, shopping mail, arena
    13. To make arrangements for utilization of all the infrastructure facilities of the International Film Festival by organizing shows, concerts and other events, throughout the year
    14. To host the film market in a fixed location and invite participation
    15. To ensure proper attendance of film personalities and draw influential audience and dignitaries from all over the world
    16. To set up stalls and ensure participation in other film festivals
    17. To adopt innovative ideas for improving the organizations of film festival every year
    1. To go into co-production and joint collaboration for film production
    2. To develop year long list of activities suited to maximize revenue for the State of Goa and utilization of infrastructure created
    1. To conduct publicity campaigns through print media, Internet, videos and films and other new medium of communications that integrates information and marketing on a global level
    2. To form committees, sub-committees for specific purpose tasks
  1. To give awards, prizes and certificates to selected films, concerts etc. in various categories like directors, producers, photographers, lyrics, musicians
  2. To bring in best companies for facilitation of investment and land development programmes and leisure development projects
  3. In general to do such things or undertake to do such other things from time to time as shall be deemed necessary for the promotion of the ideas and the attainments of the objects of the society subject to approval of the state government

The income and property of the Society, however shall be applied towards the promotion of the objects of the Society:

  1. all moneys received from the local State or Central Government
  2. all moneys received in any other manner or from any other source
  3. to do all such acts and things, whether incidental to the power aforesaid or not, as may be required in order to further the objects of the society

It is proposed that the Entertainment Society will have a governing body and a general council to manage the affairs of the Society.