No Booze Cruiser


By Greig Fernandes

“Feni is the spirit produced exclusively in Goa, and is now being taken to the west,” says Mac Vaz, the genial director of Goa’s iconic Madame Rosa distillery, “similarly, we can learn something from the civic and social sensitivity you see in the west, and bring it back home to Goa.”
Madame Rosa and the custom car designer DC Avanti have joined to initiate a ‘Do Not Drink and Drive’ publicity campaign at IFFI 2015, with a showy vehicle as conversation starter for its thoughtful message. Mac (as everyone in Goa knows him) says, “with the CEO of the Entertainment society of Goa, Ameya Abhyankar seeking new ideas for this festival, we thought about raising awareness about the danger of drinking and driving.”
Another voice of the public service campaign is Mark Seagraves of the Goa-based kids coaching academy, Football Factory. He says there is very poor civic sense and social ethics on Goan roads compared to Delhi. People drive around impatiently, without the use of helmets. When outsiders come and see this attitude, they too join in, and also risk their lives. Stricter laws are needed, with higher fines and a zero tolerance to drinking and driving.”
The flashy sports car with body graphics reading ‘Do Not Drink and Drive’ will be parked at prominent spots in and around the city. Celebrities like A. R. Rahman will be ferried to the IFFI 2015 venue in the sports car. “If this initiative brings about a social and civil change in at least one soul, then the exercise is worth the cost and time put in,” says Mac.

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