“I Love My Films Like They Are My Babies” Kim Hee-Jung


By Aliya Abreu

“All my films are like my babies,” the South Korean director Kim Hee-Jung told The Peacock in the Maquinez Palace on 23rd November, “I love them that much, and so it is very difficult to choose favourites.”
Hee-Jung’s ‘Snow Paths’ is the only movie from her country to be screened at IFFI 2015. She is generally pleased about the quality of Korean cinema – which has included recent award winners at the Berlin and Cannes film festivals – and their global critical success, but still feels that the subject matter needs to be considerably broader, saying “a lot of Korean films are about macho men, much more diversification is definitely needed.”
The young director (Hee-Jung was born in 1970) studied at Poland’s National Film School, and believes her knowledge of Slavic culture has helped her career, as when filmmakers study in a foreign country it brings a fresh perspective to their work. About IFFI 2015, and her experience in Goa, Hee-Jung said, “The location of the festival is good, and this city is unlike any other I have been to. The weather is different from the cold Korean climate. However, the festival is spread across a wide area, and while I would love to meet and interact with other directors, it has been difficult to do so.”

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